WELLBEENG - the Bridge to Awakening, is platform of positivity and mental well- being that draws upon the wisdom of a rich network of well-trained experts. Well -being is a state of constant awareness and being fully accepting of our life situation. However, each one of us needs a little wisdom and handholding every once in a while to achieve this state of balance. Once this balance is achieved, we open up to manifesting our inner divinity and full human potential.

WellBeeng is designed thoughtfully to help you in this journey. Often, one may be faced with inner conflicts that one finds difficult to share even with the closest friends or family members. Sometimes, while loved ones may be compassionate towards our issues, they may not able to provide the counsel and direction we seek.

This is where WellBeeng acts as a bridge to resolving our challenges and inner conflicts. A network of trained and verified experts - Healers, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Life Coaches on the platform are available to share, discuss and find your own answers. Whether it is a day-to-day situation or a deep seated challenging emotion or a repeated life pattern or any other issue compromising your well- being, these experts can be a source of sharing, learning and healing.

WellBeeng offers the comfort of registering anonymously should you choose to do so. Share your issue either in the forum for wider responses or privately with a specific expert. Engage over a Chat or a Live Video Session as you find fit. You can even request for individual in person sessions. There are experts offering pro-bono services as well as against a fee. Lean in and find your own solutions as these experts hold the space for you in this journey of Life.

WellBeeng is designed to hold an energy space as one moves through life issues as well as for providing broad based knowledge to live a richer more fulfilling life. Scan through the Library section to energise your mind and soul that leaves you with a new positive perspective. Participate in events, virtual or physical, on transformation wisdom with spiritual Masters and well being experts that will leave you richer whether you are a spiritual seeker or simply wanting to live a richer balanced life.

So dive in, explore and share. Heal and pass it on.

WellBeeng - A platform for people to Connect

And, a Bridge to complete Wellness

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