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WellBeeng – the Bridge to Awakening is a social platform for sharing, learning and healing the collective – one person at a time.

WellBeeng is envisioned as a network of trained and verified experts – Healers, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Life Coaches – who come together to offer their compassion, wisdom, and guidance to heal challenging life situations as well as connect to our inner divinity that can translate into a truly joyful and meaningful life for each one of us. WellBeeng offers seekers various modalities of healing, facilitating each person to choose the path most comforting and effective for them.

WellBeeng has the blessings of Brahmarshi Chakravarthi Dr. Newton Kondaveti, & Brahma Vidvarishta Dr. Lakshmi Newton, and able guidance of QLU Acharya Rajashekhar Potluri, and draws richly from the teachings of Quantum Life University.

Founders Rajesh and Rama have spent decades in the industry and the corporate world. WellBeeng is their vision to create a shared social resource that brings not just the best of spiritual wisdom and modern science but also the compassion that the world has to offer to whosoever is seeking it. May there be healing and joy for all.

Tathastu. (So be it and so it is)

A platform for people to Connect

And, a Bridge to complete Wellness

Dr. Newton Kondavati, MD, and Dr. Laxmi, MBBS.

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