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Mindful Executive Program - Transforming Stressful Thoughts to Empowering Thoughts
A Transformational Training Program from Life Foundation: This is an experiential training program which brings to corporate executives The Mindful Way to Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness, leading to Stress–free Living and Unleashing their true Potential.

Week Day Theme Duration Presentation & Practical Sessions
1 1  Heal Thy Self 4 Hours


 Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation– Part 1
 Practical session on Mindfulness& Meditation
 Presentation on the Emotional Energies
 Practical sessions on Dealing With Emotional Energies
 Presentation on the Seven Sutras of Health
 Practical Session on Health
 Question & Answer Session
1 2  Mastery of Emotions  & Mind 4 Hours  Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation – Part 2
 Practical session on Mindfulness & Meditation
 Presentation on Mastery of Emotions
 Practical Session on Emotional Alchemy
 Presentation on Mind Mastery
 Practical Session on Transforming Stressful Thoughts to Empowering Thoughts
 Question & Answer Session 
2 1  Relationship Mastery 4 Hours  Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation – Part 3
 Practical session on Mindfulness & Meditation
 Presentation on Interpersonal Relationships
 Practical session on Family Constellation Process
 Presentation on Seven Mirrors of Relationships
 Practical Session on Mirror Work
 Question & Answer Session
2 2  Self Mastery 4 Hours  Presentations and Practical Sessions
 Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation – Part 4
 Practical session on Mindfulness & Meditation
 Presentation on “Creating Your Own Reality"
 Practical session on Identifying Limiting Beliefs & Reframing Beliefs
 Presentation on IQ –EQ – SQ
 Practical Session on Unleashing The Power & Awakening The Potential Within
 Question & Answer Session
Location : Hyderbad , TELANGANA.
Number of Participants : 30 - 40
Trainers: Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD, and Dr. Lakshmi GV, MBBS


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